MX Nitro PlayStation Trophy List

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Brave New World
Complete the First Tournament

Bright personality
Buy and equip a new customization item

Buddha's Blessing
Finish a race with 108 seconds time

Damn Hippies
Get and equip Enforcer set

Found his Doom

Drag on Rage
Speed up to 180 km/h on Drag

First Gold
Take First place in any race

Gotta do'em all
Perform all 4-button tricks in the game at least once

Heroes among us
Perform Superman 50 times

I'm a bird
Fly 200 meters in one crashflight

Just the Tip
Win a race with a half-wheel lead

Perform only Fresh tricks in Freestyle and win

Leagues and Legends
Win a ranked race

Majestic Crank
Collect all stars in Online Race

Might And Glory
Complete 50 challenges

Mum told me to be careful
Rode to finish without crashing

Quest Stalker
Collect all Track Quest's marks

The fastest hand on the wild west
Get 5000 Trick Score in one combo

The last airbender
Spent a total of 5 minutes in midair

Thug Life
Made a flashy finish