Tokyo Xanadu eX+ PlayStation Trophy List

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The Legend of the X.R.C.
Obtain all trophies.

From Here on Out
Clear after story -From Here on Out-

Clear all stages with an S rank.

Calamity Came A-Calling
Clear the After Story on Calamity difficulty.

Dawn of a New Day
Clear epilogue -Dawn of a New Day-

Hey, Buddy!
Obtain all information on friend page in NiAR.

Homo Perfectus
Max out Kou's "Wisdom, Courage, Virtue".

No Interior Motives...
Fully furnish Kou's room.

Possession is 9/10 of the Law!
Open all treasure chests.

100K Meters and Runnin’
Traverse 100,000 meters.

5-Star Chef
Obtain all information on recipe page in NiAR.

A Day in Jun With You
Forge an unbreakable bond with Jun.

An Ally in Gorou
Forge an unbreakable bond with Gorou.

Asuka con Amore
Forge an unbreakable bond with Asuka.

Obtain all information on book page in NiAR.

BLAZE: Flames of Memory
Clear chapter 4 -BLAZE: Flames of Memory-

Breakfast(s) with Shiori
Forge an unbreakable bond with Shiori.

Can't Touch This!
Get through a stage without taking any damage.

Death From Above!
Rack up 100 Aerial kills.

Dude, Just Take the "S"
Obtain an S rank in any stage.

Clear chapter 1 -ECLIPSE-

Elemental Killer
Defeat 500 foes with Elemental kills.

Evanescent, Everyday
Wander into the mysterious place of wonder.

EX Master
Use EX Skill 300 times.

Fading of Obscuring Fog
Clear chapter 5 -Fading of Obscuring Fog-

Fast Times at Eclipse High
Qualify for the fast clear time bonus in any stage.

Defeat 500 foes with Critical hits.

Feelin' Lucky, Punk?
Pick the most fortuitous...fortune.

Flogging a Dead Greed
Perform a 200+ hit combo.

Gotta Kill Them All!
Obtain all information on battle page in NiAR.

Clear chapter 2 -GREED-

Greed Exterminator
Defeat 100 Greeds.

Defeat 1000 Greeds.

Defeat 2000 Greeds.

Hard-Core Collector
Obtain every single master core.

Hollow Quake
Clear chapter 7 -Hollow Quake-

King of Infinity
Clear the game on Infinity difficulty.

S-Chain Master
Use Strike Chain 50 times.

Salutations, Milady Mistuki
Forge an unbreakable bond with Mitsuki.

Shio-rizing the Neighborhood
Forge an unbreakable bond with Shio.

Sparring with Sora
Forge an unbreakable bond with Sora.

Taking Flight
Clear chapter 6 -Taking Flight-

That Ryouta Guy? He’s Cool.
Forge an unbreakable bond with Ryouta.

The Chains That Bind
Chain kill 100 times.

The Coming of Summer
Clear the intermission -The Coming of Summer-

The Good Samaritan
Complete all side-quests.

Thoughts of Tomorrow
Clear final chapter -Thoughts of Tomorrow-

Towa, or not Towa?
Forge an unbreakable bond with Towa.

Up-Staging Rion
Forge an unbreakable bond with Rion.

Vulgar Display of Power
Inflict over 5000 points of damage.

Word of God
Clear chapter 3 -Word of God-

Working Stiff
Amass a 500,000 yen fortune.

Use X-Drive 100 times.

X-Strike From Above
Use X-Strike 100 times.

You, yew, ewe, and
Forge an unbreakable bond with Yuuki.