Cars 3: Driven to Win PlayStation Trophy List

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Trophied Career
Earn every trophy.

Everybody's Here
Complete at least one event with every character.

Hall of Famer
Complete all Skill Checks.

Kart Contact
Side Bash 15 Crash Karts in a single Takedown event.

King of the Playground
Earn bronze, silver, or gold rings in every Thomasville Playground Challenge.

Mack's Hats
Collect all 10 hats in the Thomasville Playground.

Master of Trickery
Complete 70 Air Tricks in a single Stunt Showcase event.

Stars All Around
Earn a Star in every event.

2-Wheel Champ
Drive on 2 wheels for a total of 15 minutes.

Airing it Out
Perform 6 Air Tricks in a single jump.

Bashing Through
Side Bash 100 cars.

Best of the Best
Complete 100 laps in Best Lap Challenges.

Boosting at the Seams
Use 150 turbo boosts.

Give Me a Boost
Use 15 turbo boosts in a single event.

Kart Crasher
Destroy 1,000 Crash Karts in Takedown events.

Livin' in the Zone
Go "In the Zone" 30 times.

On the Road to Fame
Complete 50 Skill Checks.

Reverse Racer
Drive backward for a total of 15 minutes.

Star Collector
Earn a total of 30 Stars in events.

Takedown a Notch
Complete 6 waves in a single Takedown event.

Taking Off
Get 3 perfect Quick Starts.

Zoned Out
Go "In the Zone" 4 times in a single event.