TOUHOU DOUBLE FOCUS PlayStation Trophy List

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Gensokyo Pulitzer Prize
Obtain all trophies.

Doctor Not Required
Clear the game without using a heal skill (Normal or above).

Fastest In All of Gensokyo
Complete Time Attack mode within an hour (Normal or above).

Clear the game without saving (Normal or above).

Lost Fairy
Help a fairy.

Talented Journalist
Complete the Snap Archive.

Book World Complete
Complete 100% of the map.

Bucket List
Give Kisume all containers.

Masquerade Fight Party
Defeat Kokoro in under 45 seconds (Normal or above).

Nyan Nyan Slap
Defeat Seiga in under 50 seconds (Normal or above).

Photo Finish
Defeat all bosses with Perfect Shot as the finishing blow.

Reap What You Sow
Defeat fictional Reimu.

Sweet Maze Runner
Defeat Shinmyomaru in under 60 seconds (Normal or above).

Treasure Hunt
Obtain all items.

Warrior Monk
Defeat Byakuren in under 40 seconds (Normal or above).

Castle Area Start
Enter Castle Area.

Desert Area Start
Enter Desert Area.

Eyes of Jealousy
Snap a photo of Parsee Mizuhashi.

Fairy Tale Area Start
Enter Fairy Tale Area.

Forced Deportation
Send 100 fairies back to Gensokyo.

Headless Horror
Show Sekibanki's head to Kosuzu.

Inchling of the Candy House
Defeat Shinmyomaru.

Speedy Delivery
Deliver candy within 10 seconds.

Unidentified Underground Passage
Snap a photo of Nue Houjuu.

Victory - Byakuren Hijiri
Defeat Byakuren without taking any damage (Normal or above).

Victory - Kokoro Hata
Defeat Kokoro without taking any damage (Normal or above).

Victory - Seiga Kaku
Defeat Seiga without taking any damage (Normal or above).

Victory - Shinmyomaru Sukuna
Defeat Shinmyomaru without taking any damage (Normal or above).

Water City Area Search
Enter Water City Area.