Quiz Night Tonight ! PlayStation Trophy List

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100 correct answers
You have answers 100 questions correctly.

Moved 1000 spaces
You have moved 1000 spaces

Played 100 games
You have played 100 games.

Win 10 Games
You won 10 games.

Win 100 Games
You won 100 games.

10 correct answers
You have answers 10 questions correctly.

100 Targets
You have hit 100 targets.

50 correct answers
You have answers 50 questions correctly.

You have got an answer correct.

Filled 100 pieces
You have filled in 100 pieces.

You have filled in 10 pieces.

Moved 500 spaces
You have moved 500 spaces.

Mover and Shaker
You have moved 50 spaces.

On Target!
You have hit 10 targets.

You have played 10 games

You won a game!