Anima: Gate of Memories PlayStation Trophy List

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All Trophies
Obtain the other trophies.

A Recurrent Memory
Finish the game in New Game+.

Good Memory
Obtain all Memories

Memory of Legends
Obtain the Angelus.

The Real Monster
Defeat the Secret Boss.

True Ending
Finish the game obtaining the True Ending.

Ultimate Collector
Find all items, weapons and artifacts.

Blood Reward
Give the Blood Stone to its owner.

Breaker of Chains
Free all Prisoners.

Ending: A Premature Conclusion
Finish the game obtaining the Early Ending.

Ending: Everything you ever wanted
Finish the game obtaining the Worst Ending.

Ending: Just Too Competent!
Obtain the Joke Ending.

Ending: The Ultimate Monster
Finish the game obtaining the Bad Ending.

Hand of Death
Defeat for second time The Nameless Messenger.

True Power
Reach Level 20.

Unholy Rebellion
Defeat Romeo Exxet.

A Mysterious Place
Reach Arcane.

Steal from the rich, give to myself!

First Down!
Defeat a Memory Knight.

Inner Nightmare
Defeat Malekith, the Lord of Nightmares.

Master of Puppets
Defeat Nascal the Puppetmaster.

Midnight Chitchat!
Finish all possible conversations with Ergo.

The Dark Child
Defeat Jonathan Kappel.

The Fallen One
Defeat Druaga.

The Nameless Messenger
Defeat The Nameless Messenger for first time.

Up and Beyond!
Open the way to the upper floors.