Shadow Warrior 2 PlayStation Trophy List

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I'm a Collector Myself
Unlock all trophies

Casual Wang
Complete the game on Tiny Grasshopper difficulty

Normal Wang
Complete the game on I Have No Fear difficulty

Hard Wang
Complete the game on Who Wants Wang difficulty

Insane Wang
Complete the game on No Pain No Gain difficulty

King of the Dragon Mountain
Defeat Corrupted Kamiko

King of Mount Akuma
Defeat Devouring Kamiko

Unfinished Business
Defeat Zilla Mechanoid

Goddess Slayer
Defeat Ancient Goddess Ameonna

Develop any character to level 10

Develop any character to level 25

Develop any character to level 50

Junior Hitman
Kill 100 enemies

Kill 500 enemies

Call me Wang, Lo Wang
Kill 2500 enemies

Find 5 secrets

My Precious
Find 15 secrets

Ancient Chinese Secrets
Find 50 secrets

That's a Lot of Coins
Collect 1000000 zillyen

Financial Security
Collect 10000000 zillyen

Ready for Action
Collect 500 upgrades

Unique Collection
Collect 200 unique upgrades

Legendary Collection
Collect 100 legendary upgrades

Craft 100 upgrades

Legendary Handyman
Craft 30 legendary upgrades

Perform 200 Special Attack kills

Wang the Impaler
Perform 200 kills when enemy's grasped by Grip of Darkness

Tiny Little Pieces
Shatter 100 frozen enemies

Toxic Blast
Perform 100 acid corpse explosions

Living Torch
Set 200 enemies on fire

Short Circuit
Electrocute 200 enemies

Perform 100 weakspot kills

Mr. Kosugi
Perform 50 Vanish kills

I Think I Saw a Wabbit
Kill 10 Bunny Lords

Student of The Way of the Wang
Complete any trial of The Way of the Wang

Master of The Way of the Wang
Complete Trials of Infusion, Embedding, Purification and Trial of the Ancient God

Orb Collector
Collect 100 Orbs of Masamune

Experienced Orb Collector
Collect 1000 Orbs of Masamune

The Way of Masamune
Collect 10000 Orbs of Masamune