Euro Fishing PlayStation Trophy List

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Top Cat
Caught 50 Catfish

Completed The Set
Caught all boss fish from Foundry Dock

Dream Session
Caught 3 boss fish in one session in Foundry Dock

Lake Monster Hunter
Caught a fish over 40 kg (90 lbs)

Like Clockwork
Caught 3 boss fish in one session at Manor Farm

Master Of The Species
Caught one of each species in Foundry Dock

Spice Of Life
Caught a boss fish of each species in Manor Farm

Big Haul
Caught 100 fish

Bragging Rights
Won a multiplayer session in Manor Farm

Can't Catch Me!
Lost your first Manor Farm boss fish

Caught 50 Carp

Cat Tamer
Caught the catfish boss fish in Foundry Dock

Dud Catch
Caught the wrong species type in a Manor Farm Live Tournament

Getting Amongst Them
Caught your first 20lb carp in Foundry Dock

Getting Bigger
Caught your first 30lb carp in Foundry Dock

Getting Tench
Caught 50 Tench

Good Start
Caught 5 Manor Farm boss fish

I'm Hooked
Caught 50 fish

Living the Bream
Caught 50 Bream

Local Knowledge
Caught 50 fish in Foundry Dock

Master Of The Lake
Caught 100 fish in Foundry Dock

Mugged Right Off
Lost 25 fish

Quantity Over Quality
Caught 150 fish in Manor Farm

Show Me The Money
Claimed the reward for participating in a Manor Farm Live Tournament

Specimen Bream Hunter
Caught a specimen Bream

Specimen Carp Hunter
Caught a specimen Carp

Specimen Catfish Hunter
Caught a specimen Catfish

Specimen Roach Hunter
Caught a specimen Roach

Specimen Tench Hunter
Caught a specimen Tench

Target Hunter
Caught your first Foundry Dock boss fish

The Big One's
Caught your first 40lb carp in Foundry Dock

Trophy Lover
Caught all boss fish from Manor Farm

Way of the Roach
Caught 50 Roach

Weight Training
Caught 10 fish weighing over 40lb in Manor Farm

What A Beauty!
Caught your first fish