GodWars PlayStation Trophy List

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Mythology Scholar
Obtained all other trophies.

Combat Master
Maxed out all ally levels.

Job Master
Maxed out all job levels.

Protector of Mizuho
Cleared all requests.

Skill Master
Maxed out all skill levels.

Treasure Master
Found all hidden treasures.

Devout Worshiper
Maxed out shrine levels.

Equipment Collector
Collected all equipment.

Job Guru
Unlocked every job.

Million Leaves
Collected 1,000,000 leaves.

Cleared 30 requests.

Rabid Curiosity
Obtained all treasures from wicker boxes.

Skill Guru
Unlocked every skill.

Treasure Maniac
Found 30 hidden treasures.

A Step Toward Peace
Cleared a request for the first time.

Arbitrator of the Gods
Cleared Chapter 4.

Earnest Worshiper
Increased the shrine level.

Leveled up a skill for the first time.

Equipment Seeker
Collected 100 pieces of equipment.

Hundred Thousand Leaves
Collected 100,000 leaves.

It Pays to Pray
Made an offering at a shrine for the first time.

Master of Ceremonies
Used a God Skill for the first time.

Returned from Yomi
Cleared Chapter 3.

Sanctum Preacher
Used a Holy Skill for the first time.

Secret Skill Awakened
Used a Secret Skill for the first time.

Something Caught My Eye
Obtained a treasure from a wicker box for the first time.

The People's Prayer
Accepted a request for the first time.

Treasure Hunter
Found a hidden treasure for the first time.

Welcome to Odd Jobs
Went shopping for the first time.

Wish Granter
Cleared 10 requests.

Yasakani no Magatama
Cleared Chapter 2.

Yomi Visitor
Cleared Chapter 1.