Rise & Shine PlayStation Trophy List

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Finish the game on ironman mode.

Bossing the boss
Kill chapter 1 boss without receiving any damage.

The Secret Whisperer
Find all the secrets.

Curious cat
Open all chests.

Jungle Juggler
Break a coconut in the air.

Get a perfect score in the basket minigame.

Not a lever person
Complete the labyrinth puzzle without using any levers.

Retro Fan
Do the Konami Code.

Straight shooter
Get a perfect score in the shooting minigame.

Thanks for playing
Complete the entire game.

The bridge on the river of Melting Acid
Save the bridge in chapter 2.

The survivor
Survive one minute in the bullet hell minigame.

Too proud to like lasers
Complete the golem puzzle without dying from the golem laser.