SolDethgard's AKIBA'S BEAT PlayStation Trophies

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Beat Akiba's
ACQUIREd all other Akiba's Beat trophies.

Kanon Ending
Achieved the true ending.

OK, Now You Can Talk About It
Cleared all ranks at the Might Club.

Swole as Hell
Raised all party members' levels to max.

Aihara'd You the First Time
Completed all of Mizuki Aihara's sub-events.

Dawn of a New Day
Completed Chapter 16.

East Meets Quest
Completed all quests.

Eternal Sanada
Completed all of Kotomi Sanada's sub-events.

Master of Deluseons
Defeated all enemies.

Momose Momosa Momakusa
Completed all of Riyu Momose's sub-events.

Nameless Trophy
Cleared the Nameless Delusionscape.

Reiji Against the Machine
Completed all of Reiji Shinomiya's sub-events.

Saki To Me
Completed all of Saki Hoshino's sub-events.

Ya Mato to Me, Man
Completed all of Yamato Hongo's sub-events.

A Hefty Price
Completed Chapter 7.

Akemi, Asaw, Aconquered
Completed all of Akemi Ecstasia's sub-events.

All According to Keikaku
Completed Chapter 15.

All Dolled Up and Nowhere To Go
Completed Chapter 5.

Beat This!
Achieved a 99-beat combo.

Conflicting Ideologies
Completed Chapter 6.

Completed Chapter 12.

Hey Hey Hey Goodbye
Completed all of Nana Nanao's sub-events.

Idol Hands
Completed Chapter 2.

In For a Yenny...
Surpassed one million yen on hand.

Is It Groundhog Day Already?
Completed Chapter 1.

Maid This Way
Completed Chapter 3.

Meteo Achieved
Dealt 9999 damage.

Needs More QA IMO
Recruited Acquire-chan.

Next Time On Akiba's Beat...
Completed Chapter 4.

No Pink, No Life
Completed all of Pinkun's sub-events.

Nyanda tte?
Recruited Miké Musumeda... Miké Nyanda? Hmmm...

Once Upon a Time
Completed Chapter 10.

Our Home and Native Land
Completed all of Kanata Saotome's sub-events.

Reunion and Divide
Completed Chapter 13.

Saionji of Sorcery
Completed all of Yoshino Saionji's sub-events.

Streaming Upon the Throne
Obtained all PP parts.

Swimming with the Shareko
Completed all of Shareko Ube's sub-events.

Tap to Win
Obtained all trading cards.

That's Not How Percentages Work
Achieved a 500% rating.

The Princess Unmasked
Completed Chapter 11.

What a Tweest!
Completed Chapter 14.

Where Are You Keeping It All?
Obtained all head and body apparel and accessories.

With a Demure Yell, She Say
Completed all of Moé Suzumori's sub-events.