life of black tiger PlayStation Trophy List

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The female tiger
The black tiger was roped in as expected. Let’s find the baby tiger and its mother, and capture the baby and kill its mother.

Crazy wild dogs
Crazy wild dogs by starving followed the smell of my baby and threatening my family. Let’s defeat them with the female tiger.

Human hunting2
Silly human set fire in the forest to kill me. The female tiger should protect my baby. So I’ll defeat them by myself.

The dream of human
The vicious tiger is going to kill my mother again. I should rescue my mother even in my dream. Let’s kill the black tiger.

A new family
Today is my best day. My female tiger is pregnant. Let’s hunt a nourishing game for her.

Crocodile hunting
my baby became ill. He should eat a meat of crocodile to be cured. Let’s hunt a crocodile.

A female tiger appeared suddenly and she is helping me. Let’s eliminate the boss wolf with the female tiger.

Fish hunting
The female tiger doesn’t seem to be good. Let’s hunt fish for her health.

Happy hunting
Today is the happiest day in my life. I’m not alone, but with the female tiger for hunting. Let’s hunt rabbits with her.

Human hunting
They are relaxing on the frozen river. Hunt them and their hunting dogs.

My loving family
Let’s take the female tiger and my little baby in the forest. I’ll teach the path in the forest to my baby.

Searching for mushrooms
The female tiger was injured by the bear. I need mushrooms to cure her. Let’s find mushrooms and cure her.