Embers of Mirrim PlayStation Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies

Turn On The Magic of Shining Light
Complete all 28 Glyphs

Blast Crusade
Use Blast Rifts 250 times

Cleaning House
Defeat The Corruption

Cleansed The Elder
Complete The Highlands

Cleansed The Flarefly Queen
Complete The Breach

Cleansed The Whaleworm
Complete The Blight

It's working! It's working!
Enter Net 200 times

Just Keep Slinging ...
Use Slingshot Rifts 100 times

Stay on Target
Use Rifts 500 times

The circle is now complete
Complete Embers of Mirrim saving all companions

To Split Is Divine
Split 500 times

Save Akat

Blast Off
Use your first Blast Rift

Save Dini

Down In The Underground
Complete The Descent

Game of Thorns
Survive the first Thorn Chase

Hello, boys! I'm BAAAAAACK!
Survive the corrupted Whaleworm Chase

Save Inid

Use a Flarefly for the first time

Save Kiv

Listen to your Elder
Enter the Spire

Mardi Gras
Complete the Fleur De Lis Glyph

Master of Tungis
Use a Tungi for the first time

Mir's Power
Gain the power of Light Embers

Never tell me the odds
Survive the second Thorn Chase

Nifty Rifty
Use your first Rift

Save Ocu

Oh Canada ...
Complete the Maple Leaf Glyph

Rim's Power
Gain the power of Dark Embers

Say hello to my little friend
Use a Splitfire for the first time

She can't see us if we don't move
Complete The Wasteland

Splitting is Believing
Split for the first time

Switch Into Glide
Glide 100 times

Save Taka

Tickled Pink
Use a Tikeel for the first time

To Sling Is My Thing
Use your first Slingshot Rift

Too Many Trees ...
Survive the waterfall

Trial by Stone
Smash 20 Crystals

Save Uco

Unlimited Power!!!
Enter your first Net

Save Vik

We're halfway there
Complete 14 Glyphs

Where Did This Come From?
Complete the Mysterious "S" Glyph

Ride the Whaleworm

[whispering] I see you!
Survive the stalking Flarefly Queen