LIGHTFIELD PlayStation Trophy List

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Like the Pros
Show that you are one of the pros by beating the pro time trial difficulty level on all tracks.

Its full of stars
Why only collect a few stars if you can collect them all? Go out there and find them all.

You wanna be fast, but still you don't wanna scratch that new space ship of yours.

Space Tourist
You haven't seen the game until you've seen all the tracks. And even then, there still might be more to it.

Circus Artist
Try using the turbo rings to add a little extra speed to your tricks and spins. Extra speed, extra spin...

Crash Course
Not crashing only means that you are not pushing it hard enough. It's time to take off the training wheels and start racing.

Do it With Style
Impress your friends with a little style. Spin and jump through the level while still maintaining a fast racing line.

Endurance Racer
Do 20 consecutive time trial laps. Simple as that. Just get into the flow and keep racing.

Experienced Flyer
Collect enough XP to unlock the second track in the game.

Faster, Faster, Faster!
If super slo-mo is not your case, try turning the game's speed up to eleven. Do a fast lap in time trial to really test your skills.

Racing with Friends
Impress your friends and family with your exquisite taste in fancy racing games and take them on a trip into the hyper-future.

Space Ship Zen
Relax, take it easy. Slow down for a while and enjoy the game in super slo-mo.

The Sky is the Limit
Some things are truly limitless but others are not. Where are your limits, and where are the limits of your world?