Knights of Valour PlayStation Trophy List

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Rank Champion
Stage Rank S in Stage 1~Stage 5 of any Difficulty

Win the first Multiplayer game

Tyrant's Crusade
Defeat Xiang Yu for the first time

Breakthrough in Sishui
Defeat Hua Xiong for the first time

Combo Master
100 Combos in battle

Complete Explore: "Dark Calamity"
All stages in "Dark Calamity" 100% explored

Complete Explore: "Marsh Battle"
All stages in "Marsh Battle" 100% explored

Complete Explore: "Prosperity Under Heaven"
All stages in "Prosperity Under Heaven" 100% explored

Complete Explore: "Sishui Supremacy"
All stages in "Sishui Supremacy" 100% explored

Complete Explore: "Terrible Demon"
All stages in "Terrible Demon" 100% explored

Exorcism in Chang'an
Defeat Dong Zhuo for the first time

Exorcism Under the Heaven
Defeat Zhang Jue for the first time

Slayer in Hulao
Defeat Lu Bu for the first time

Yellow Turban Triumphant
Defeat Zhang Bao for the first time