A Rose in the Twilight PlayStation Trophy List

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A Rose in the Twilight
Obtained all trophies!

Bouquet of Roses
Obtain all Blood Memories.

Light in the Darkness
Die 100 times.

Shallow Flower
Obtain all the collections.

Speed-of-God Star
Complete Time Attack within 1:20:00.

A Chick's Ascent
Clear Path to Abyss 1 without touching any mushrooms.

A Single Rose
Obtain 10 Blood Memories.

Bloodstained Flower
Clear Path to Abyss.

Canary's Knowledge
Clear Library.

Egg Endurance Experiment
Giant jumps off from the highest point in the castle.

Fly Away Little Bird
Defeat Blanc.

Quick Star
Complete Time Attack for Clock Tower Upper Level within 1:50.

Red Moon
Watch the moon from somewhere in the castle.

Rose and the Mirror
Clear Clock Tower.

Rose's Bond
Rescue Rose after she is taken.

Seed Renewal
Die 30 times.

Speed-of-Light Star
Complete Time Attack within 1:50:00.

A Star Is Born
Watch the last moments of a beast.

Caged Bird
Clear Armory.

Edible Flower
Perform a nice shot with Rose at Courtyard 4.

Rose Garden Queen
Clear Courtyard.

Rose Petals
Obtain 5 Blood Memories.

Shooting Star Girl
Throw Rose 100 times.

Speed Star
Clear Time Attack for Path to Abyss 2 within 2:10.

Speed-of-Sound Star
Clear Time Attack within 2:40:00.

Thorn Road
Die 10 times.

Tossed Bud
Giant kills Rose by throwing her.

Unheard Song
Clear Dungeon.