Dying: Reborn PlayStation Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies.

Hello, Mathew…
Completed Section 1.

Mathew, a true detective.
Unlocked all of the password puzzles.

Now, you know the truth.
Acquired all memos.

Open the door,Mathew…
Completed Section 5.

She needed your help…
Completed Section 2.

The pain of losing someone...
Completed Section 6.

Why help him ?
Completed Section 3.

Worst Birthday Ever
Completed Section 4.

I'm near you.
Saw the unknown man and woman on the TV.

Mathew, feeling dazzled?
Solved the electric wire puzzle in Section 2.

Mathew, what have you done?
Used the model to trigger the bed mechanism.

Mathew, you're smart.
Successfully combined items for the first time.

Mum's Favorite Melody
Used the piano to play the correct melody in Section 1.

This is for you.
Pick up a memo for the first time.

Welcome to Last Harbour
Game launched.

Where's my present, Mathew?
Lit the candles on the cake in Section 4.