Headbutt Factory PlayStation Trophy List

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You got sucked into a white hole. What just happened? You wake up to find tears streaming down your cheeks and a small ball at your side.

You're One of Us
You were crushed by the machine press. Was there something there at the time? Or maybe you were lacking something? Even now you can't quite figure it out.

A Special One
You found a shining headbot for the first time. Thank you for finding me. I will be your support.

Absolute Defense
Staved off the zombies without taking damage. Not a single scratch on you.

Knocked down 50 headbots. You're going to pay if you keep that up!

You changed a ball for the first time. Transform! Type A!

Demolition Dealer
Destroyed 100 breakable objects (headbots and contraptions excluded). With such an impulse for destruction...you'll destroy the world.

Game Set
You won your first rally. I won't lose next time. Until we meet again!

Having a Blast
Took down a zombie with a bomb. Explosions are an art form.

Home Run
Sent a ball flying way far away. Out of the park home run!

Let's Go Hunting
Shot down one of those fish-like birds. Nice Hunting!

Blasted an incoming ball with another ball. Get outa here! And stay out of my line of fire!

The Adventure Begins
You ventured into the world outside. Welcome to the Headbutt Factory.

Zombie Killer
You protected the headbots from the zombies. Rest in Peace Zombies.