Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms PlayStation Trophy List

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Chizzy Chizzy Bang Bang
All trophies for Edo Blossoms obtained.

Husbandos On Lock
All Event CGs unlocked.

I Promised I Wouldn't Cry...
All Ending Movies unlocked.

We Got a Genius Over Here
All Encyclopedia Terms unlocked.

...Now, I'm a Bel-iba!
Iba's route cleared.

All By Myself
Yukimura's route cleared.

Bummersville, Population: You
All Bad Endings viewed.

Doctor Strangelove
Yamazaki's route cleared.

Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?
Harada's route cleared.

Hijikata's route cleared.

Happiness is a Warm Gun
Sakamoto's route cleared.

How 'Bout Dat
Every "Game Over" viewed.

Kazama's route cleared.

Sanan's route cleared.

Love is a Battlefield
All Unrequited Endings viewed.

Ma, I'm Movin' Back In
Nagakura's route cleared.

Soum-body Once Told Me...
Souma's route cleared.

The Cough of the Shinsengumi
Okita's route cleared.

The Third Heisuketeer
Toudou's route cleared.

You're Cold as Aizu
Saito's route cleared.

Baby-Faced Assassin
Yamazaki's route started.

Comin' In Hot!
Harada's route started.

It's Five o'Clock, Somewhere
Nagakura's route started.

My, What Big Teeth You Have
Sanan's route started.

Not Today, Demon
Kazama's route started.

Sai Carumba!
Saito's route started.

Saka On That
Sakamoto's route started.

Same Stuff, Different Day
Nagakura, Sanan, Yamazaki's routes have started.

Sick Story, Dude
Okita's route started.

That New New
Iba, Souma, Sakamoto's routes have started.

Then I Saw Your Face...
Iba's route started.

This Again...?
Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Toudou, Harada, Kazama's routes have started.

Toudou, or Not Toudou
Toudou's route started.

Yukimura's route started.

Why So Serious...?
Souma's route started.

Would It Kill You to Smile?
Hijikata's route started.