Ninja Usagimaru: Two Tails of Adventure PlayStation Trophy List

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Legendary Traveler
Get all of the trophies.

Affable Adventurer
Clear the Mechanical Castle.

Defeated the Darkness
Clear the Forest of Spirits.

Go Like the Wind
Clear every stage in 5 minutes or less.

Legendary Rabbit
Jump 1000 times.

Reliable Traveler
Clear Galus's Quests.

Blocks Breaker
Break 100 chipped blocks.

Crossbow Master
Shoot the crossbow 15 times.

Fashion Hunter
Changed into the Cerberus clothing.

Finding Toyotama
Clear the Ancient Dragon Cave.

Hookshot Master
Use the hookshot 30 times.

Hot Spring Lover
Changed into the Towel clothing.

Kite Master
Use the kite 30 times.

Nothing but the Truth
Clear the Karakuri Village.

One to Depend On
Clear the Green Passage.

Walking with Cherry Blossoms
Clear the Night Sakura Festival.

Let the villagers be hurt 5 times.

Brave Traveler
Clear the Silent Village.

Defeat the enemies 10 times in a stage.

Finding People
Clear the Frozen Valley.

Jumping to Conclusions
Clear the Snowy Path.

Like a Shadow
Get in the teleporter 15 times in a stage.

Looking for Hope
Take longer than 10 minutes to solve a stage.

Mercy Traveler
Clear the Foggy Bambo Forest.

Moving forward
Clear the Maple Forest.

Need Alone Time
Leave a released villager alone for 3 minutes.

Nervous Disposition
Use the pinwheel 10 times in a stage.

Never Give Up
Fall into traps 50 times.

New Skill
Get the Crossbow.

Process of Growth
Retry a stage 10 times.

Clear the Mt Hot Spring.

Whole Body Aches
Be defeated by enemies 50 times.