Happy Dungeons PlayStation Trophy List

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Dungeon raider
50 hours played.

Go Team!
Complete a mission with at least two people remaining.

A Merry Myriad of Minions
Get a total of 30 minions.

Play for 10 hours as a mage.

Ain't No Generic Cleric
Play for 10 hours as a cleric.

And So It Begins!
Complete the quest "Search for the Princess."

Awake an item.

Happy Dungeons
Escape from any level in Infinite Dungeon.

Happy Times!
Open a card pack in Happy Cards.

Hardened Warrior
Play for 10 hours as a warrior.

I Could Open a Museum
Get 100 pieces of equipment.

Making Friends
Complete the quest "A Little Friend."

Not So Bossy Now
Complete the quest "The Goblin Leader."