Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition PlayStation Trophy List

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Blasting Agent
Be a Blasting Agent and unlock everything

Batty Guy
Unlock the Batty Guy Costume

Bearded Brother
Unlock the Bearded Brother Costume

Unlock the Ninja Costume

Polychromatic Suit
Unlock the Polychromatic Suit Costume

Space Captain
Unlock the Space Captain Costume

Unlock the Yeti Costume

Frag Grenade
Unlock the Frag Grenade Upgrade

Grav Jump
Unlock the Grav Jump Ability

Ionic Dash
Unlock the Ionic Dash Ability

Level 1 - Hard
Clear Level 1 on Hard Difficulty

Level 2 - Hard
Clear Level 2 on Hard Difficulty

Level 3 - Hard
Clear Level 3 on Hard Difficulty

Level 4 - Hard
Clear Level 4 on Hard Difficulty

Level 5 - Hard
Clear Level 5 on Hard Difficulty

Level 6 - Hard
Clear Level 6 on Hard Difficulty

Pulse Bazooka
Unlock the Pule Bazooka Upgrade

Repulsor Shield
Unlock the Repulsor Shield Upgrade

Spiked Boots
Unlock the Spiked Boots Upgrade

Level 1 - Normal
Clear Level 1 on Normal Difficulty

Level 2 - Normal
Clear Level 2 on Normal Difficulty

Level 3 - Normal
Clear Level 3 on Normal Difficulty

Level 4 - Normal
Clear Level 4 on Normal Difficulty

Level 5 - Normal
Clear Level 5 on Normal Difficulty

Level 6 - Normal
Clear Level 6 on Normal Difficulty