Twin Robots PlayStation Trophy List

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Platinum Robot
Unlock all other trophies

Always together
Finish all the levels with both robots alive

Call it even
Finish all the even levels with both robots alive

Finish all the levels

Jump 75 times in one level, using the same robot

No rush
Press the red button at the last minute, just before your twin gets crushed

So generous
Give all your energy to your twin

The floor is lava
Perform 10 consecutive wall jumps

This is odd
Finish all the odd levels with both robots alive

Two and two makes 22
Finish level 22 with both robots alive

Battery hunter
Collect all batteries across all levels

Blue tiles
Step on all of them in one level

Share energy when your twin is about to die

See ya in another life, brotha
Finish a level using only 1 robot, not switching control even once

Two on two
Finish level 2 with both robots alive

Under pressure
Both robots die smashed together

Acid addict
Die 5 times inside an acid pool

Better together
Reach the exit with both robots

Gruyère robot
Die on the spikes over 25 times

I am the one who knocks
Run against a closed door