The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia PlayStation Trophy List

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Savior of Britannia
All trophies acquired. Congratulations!

Abundant Inventory
Created all Magic Items.

The Destined Battle
Settled things with Zeldris.

The Legend Returns
Completed all quests with "S" rank.

Bona Fide Celebrities
Acquired 100% of Gossip Points for all of Liones.

Full Power
Maxed out HP for all members of the Boar Hat crew.

Not Bad
Completed all main quests with "S" rank.

That Is Your Sin
Defeated Hendrickson after he attained the Ash Demon's power.

That'll Do
Completed all side quests with "S" rank.

The Legendary Order
All Seven Deadly Sins assembled.

We're All Special
Used Special Moves for all characters.

You're Something Else
Completed all quests.

3,000 Year-Old Relic
Defeated Albion.

Diligence Pays
Got a total of 100,000 Magic Crystals.

Every Little Bit
Found Magic Crystals on the field map 100 times.

Expert Adventurer
All adventure-type Magic Items created.

Famous at Last
Acquired 100% of an area's Gossip Points.

Fates Intertwined
Quest "The Boar Hat" completed.

Fight the Darkness
Meliodas awakened his demon power.

Flawless Fight
Won a battle with no damage.

Give Me a Hand
Landed a Co-Op Attack with a partner.

Hey, I Helped!
Completed all errand quests.

I Believe in Magic
Created a Magic Item.

Liones Hearsay (Capital)
Completed all quests in the capital city.

Liones Hearsay (Central)
Completed all quests in central Liones.

Liones Hearsay (East)
Completed all quests in eastern Liones.

Liones Hearsay (North)
Completed all quests in northern Liones.

Liones Hearsay (South)
Completed all quests in southern Liones.

Liones Hearsay (West)
Completed all quests in western Liones.

Off to Adventure
Explored the Britannian map for the first time.

Our Promise
Settled things with Gilthunder.

Pretty Darn Good
Completed all side quests.

Pretty Good
Completed first side quest.

Proper Attire
Fought with a Magic Item equipped.

Quick with a Blade
Landed a 30-hit combo.

Ready for Battle
All combat-type Magic Items created.

Setting up the Boar Hat
All Boar Hat abilities enhanced.

The Boar Sin of Gluttony
Merlin joined your team.

The Crusade's Signal Fire
Unlocked all characters.

The Fox Sin of Greed
Ban joined your team.

The Goat Sin of Lust
Gowther joined your team.

The Grizzly Sin of Sloth
King joined your team.

The Lion Sin of Pride
Escanor joined your team.

The Serpent Sin of Envy
Diane joined your team.

Veteran Trapper
Used 100 magic traps.

You're Special
Used a Special Move.