The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II PlayStation Trophy List

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The Legendary Monster Hunter
Unlock all trophies.

I'm so Hardcore!
Finish the game with a Hardcore character.

Monster Hunter Extraordinaire
Finish the game on Fearless without changing the difficulty throughout the Story.

Sealer of Doors
You closed the door leading to the Lair.

Anonymus Benefactor
Spend 1.000.000 Gold with the Domovoy at your side.

Don't Fear the (Grim) Reaper
Finish the game on Hard without changing the difficulty throughout the Story.

Double Exile
Defeat Harker.

I am your King
Kill 100 enemies with the assistance of THAT Rabbit.

I'm Nuclear
Cause critical damage to your enemies 100 times with the support of the majestic Goofzilla.

In your face, Jones!
Collect 10 Relics for the Resistance.

Complete all side quests in Ink Hunt.

Lone Survivor
Survive against impossible odds.

Master Strategist
Successfully complete all Tower Defense missions.

Real Life is Overrated
Complete 3 single player Scenario runs in the game.

Stuff of Legends
Finish the game on Heroic without changing the difficulty throughout the Story.

The Beast
Reach level 5 with your Chimera.

The Roots of Evil
Defeat the Dryad Queen

Viva la Resistance
Execute 15 missions while managing the Resistance.

...but it's easier to be just lucky!
Reach 300 base Luck points.

A Friend From Beyond
Get your own Chimera.

A Hunter With Style
Equip a full collection of Set items.

Awe and Awe
Find Harker's secret weapon.

Chimera of War
Let your Chimera kill 50 enemies.

Easy Come, Easy Go
Spend 10 million Gold.

End of the Beginning
Cover the retreat from Viaduct Junction.

Fang Shui
Take a souvenir with you from the Island of Bones.

Forbidden Path
Reach the Giantwoods.

Ghoulish Taste
Eat Woody's Snack.

Glory of a Legend
Earn 250.000 Reputation.

Grey Treasures
Loot the Grey Wizard.

Hunter of Hunters
Kill 100 Champion, Elite or Boss in Scenarios.

I Regret Nothing
Take all items from all of the Sacred Altars.

It was a blast!
Save the Bomb Expert's life.

It's a trap!
Complete your first Tower Defense mission.

King of Nothing
Kill the Kobold King.

Lunar Collection
Find all three Moonstones.

Master of Puzzles
Answer correctly to the questions of the Giant Stoneheads.

My Heart Goes On
Witness the Domovoys in love.

Out of the Frying Pan
Take back the Foundry from Harker's forces.

Practice Makes Perfect
Level up one of your Resistance Captains.

You have an uncanny sense of recognizing dangerous criminals and you know who should stay behind bars.

Rage Against the Machines
Spend 10.000 Rage points across any number of playthroughs.

Ragtag Hero
Complete a Scenario without equipped Cape, Armor, Gloves and Boots.

Sarge, he keeps coming back!
Spend heaps of Gold on resurrections.

Shock and Awe
Let loose the Power of Perun.

Simple Ways
Complete a Scenario without using any Powerups.

Spanner in the Works
Destroy the Animated Extraction Rig.

Success With Clean Hands
Complete a Tower Defense mission without killing a single monster directly (kill with traps only).

That's Goofy
Witness the cute smallzilla (and his mother).

Three wishes
Thaw the Frozen Goldfish.

Tough as a Coffin Nail
Complete a Scenario without dying.

Tough Cookie
Survive extreme damage from a single attack.

Unnatural Ally
Successfully complete "The Vampire Lord" Resistance mission to recruit Baron Upyr for your cause.

Unshackled Genius
Rescue Telsa from the Sewers.

We Came in Peace
Don't get into a fight with the outlaws on the Thunderhead Mountains.

Well, that escalated quickly!
Attack the innocent squirrels, if you dare.

Who's a good boy?
Successfully complete 5 Chimera Hunt missions.

You can be accurate...
Reach 300 base Dexterity points.

You can be smart...
Reach 300 base Willpower points.

You can be strong...
Reach 300 base Body points.

You Can't Touch This
Complete a Tower Defense mission without letting a single enemy in.