Mages of Mystralia PlayStation Trophy List

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You're a wizard, Zia!
Unlock every trophy

Reach 100% completion

Rekt Tower
Complete the Dark Tower in under 10 minutes without dying

Collect a total of 2500 green soulbeads in one adventure

Spell Duelist
Defeat the Councillor

Defeat 500 enemies in one adventure

A Mage's Arsenal
Find every wand

Arcane Mage
Fully upgrade your mana

Blood Mage
Fully upgrade your health

Defeat the Ghost Queen

Fire Mastery
Earn the Igni mastery

Gate Crasher
Find the Mystralian Elixir

Ghost Buster
Complete the Ghost Buster quests

Create a spell that uses all four elements

The Mage's Path
Find all the runes

Treasure Hunter
Find 60 chests

Air Mastery
Earn the Aura mastery

Defeat the Ice Lizard

Earth Mastery
Earn the Gaea mastery

Fancy Shooter
Defeat an enemy with an Actus spell with a Left or Right rune from far away

Gossip Queen
Have a conversation with 30 NPCs in one adventure

It's Not Me
Defeat 10 enemies with your clones

Lazy Wizard
Use a Teleportation Anchor 5 times in one adventure

Live Live Live
Use a Life Scarab during a boss battle

Defeat 5 goblins with the same spell

The Floor is Lava!
Stay on your Creo spells for 2 minutes without touching the ground

Tougher than She Looks
Defeat the Goblin Champion

Make a Boar-Rider defeat an ally 5 times in one adventure

Destroy a total of 1000 objects in one adventure

Water Mastery
Earn the Aqua mastery

Defeat the Giant Wood Wretch