Tinertia PlayStation Trophy List

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Tinertia Master
Obtain all Tinertia trophies.

Beat Boss-Rush mode.

Aim For The Bushes
Beat Guardian without using Air-Dash.

Be The Ball
Earn all Rocket Par medals.

Beat Drone RamR0D without rocket jumping on it.

Days Without Injury
Beat Factory-02 without touching the ground.

Exceedingly Efficient
Beat Command-02 without stunning any Drones.

Gotta Go Fast
Earn all Time medals.

Royal Flush
Beat Sewers-07 under 7 seconds.

Set Lasers to Stun
Beat Mines-01 without touching the ground.

To The Moon
Speed-Run any World under 5 minutes.

Baby Steps
Beat ReCyclops without shooting it.

Force Quit
Defeat the ARC.

Clear Core World.

Clear Sewers World.

Clear Factory World.

Clear Mines World.

Supply and Demand
Clear Slums World.

The Mighty Dollar
Clear Metropolis World.