Wuppo PlayStation Trophy List

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Transcended Wum
You have transcended to a level of wisdom deemed to be unreachable. Redav Kned is proud of you.

Boss Run: Collector
Buy Tein Taatseb's helmet during All Boss mode

Boss Run: Good Job!
Complete your first Boss Run

Boss Run: Impossible
Complete the Boss Run without items from Tein or Raab's stores

Boss Run: World Champion
Beat All Boss Run mode under 25 minutes

Achieve maximum happiness

King Of All Wums
Beat the game on insane mode

Maximum Firepower
Upgrade all weapons in the game to their full potential

A New Home
Complete the game

Boss Run: Entrepeneur
Help Raab start his blarb smoothie business

Find and defeat all bosses

Obtain a Popo Chipcard

Find and watch all filmstrips

Beat the game on hard mode or higher

A Friendly Future
Make an unlikely friend

Boss Run: Cleaning Duty
Defeat the Dustboss by using the Breft2000 suit during All Boss mode

Boss Run: Noobie
Use the practice mode to fight the fish

Boss Run: Obey Stoplight
Defeat Stoplight in All Boss Mode without getting hit

Gumgumgun Enthusiast
Buy all gumgumgun upgrades at Betty's gumgum shop

Mud Wrestler
Completely cover yourself in dirt

Professional Exterminator
Exterminate 800 kneft

That's my TV!
Does Drekel have a shower?

The Artist
Personalize your gumgumgun's colours

What are you doing!?
Hijack and vandalize a Popo City tram