Drive Girls PlayStation Trophy List

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Drive Girls
Drive Girls has been cleared

Bug Busters
All bug types have been suppressed at least once

Fully Tuned
A characters stats are maxed out by using L Gear

Lanciers Diary
All episodes have been viewed

Perfect Sticker
All the stickers have been collected

Weapon Horder
All CARMS have been collected

Atom Suppressor
Atom has been suppressed

Bolor Suppressor
Bolor has been suppressed

Drive Girls Roll out!
Episode24 has been cleared

Galaxa of Sunshine Island
All missions have been challenged

Guzeg Suppressor
Guzeg has been suppressed

Regalith's pocket money
Total amount of credits has reached 2,000,000

Research Grant
Total amount of credits has reached 2,000,000

Seven's gradebook
The record score has exceeded 10000 points

Venom Suppressor
Venom has been suppressed

Vyron Suppressor
Vylon has been suppressed

A moments respite
Bonus episode 2 has been cleared

Episode19 has been cleared

Commanders clue
Episode17 has been cleared

A special sticker combination was applied

Drive Girls enlistment!
Episode 2 has been cleared

Enlistment decision?
Episode 1 has been cleared

Ex Injection
Ex injection was used for the first time

First sticker
Equipped a sticker for the first time

Galaxas dream
Galaxa episode has been cleared

Galaxas enlistment
Episode 6 has been cleared

George the Frog
Bonus episode 1 has been cleared

Lanciers feeling
Lancier episode has been cleared

OVERDRIVE was used for the first time

Regaliths home
Regalth has been cleared

Roaring campaign
Episode 8 has been cleared

Heat accelerator was used for the first time in D form

Sevens enlistment
Episode 10 has been cleared

Sevens passion
Seven episode has been cleared

Sticker exchange
A sticker was exchanged for the first time

Successful rescue
Episode23 has been cleared