Day D Tower Rush PlayStation Trophy List

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Destroyed 20,000 enemies throughout the entire game.

A Chance of Rain
Used geo-charges 10 times on a single level.

An Impregnable Fortress
Didn't let a single enemy reach the time machine throughout a level.

On the Edge
Completed a level with the time machine's health below 10 points.

Collected 10,000 bones in a single level.

A Natural Disaster
Used all the different types of geo-charge on a level.

A Stingy Warrior
Sold 10 weapons on a single level.

An Important Position
Placed all types of weaponry accessible in the episode on a single tile.

An Old Ruin
Completed a level without improving weaponry.

Take your places!
Installed weapons on all the tiles accessible on a level.

The Best Place
Unlocked a tile for i-volve on any level.

№1 Preparation
Installed all types of weapons accessible on a level.