Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion PlayStation Trophy List

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Hero of the People
Congratulations! You obtained all of the trophies.

Crazy Combo
Complete a 100-chain combo.

True Emperor
Complete One Life mode.

Weapon Master
Master many deathblows.

A Lonely Throne
Unlock the epilogue.

Aurelius Annihilator
Trigger break mode while fighting General Aurelius.

Crystal Cracker
Trigger break mode while fighting the Crystal Golem.

Foiled Fencer
Trigger break mode while fighting the final boss.

Gauntlet Thrown
Face the Order of the Bleeding Axe.

Manticore Mauler
Trigger break mode while fighting the Manticore.

Monster Combo
Complete a 50-chain combo.

Summoner Dispelled
Trigger break mode while fighting Micena.

Tricky Tree
Defeat the Ouroboros Cypress.

Werewolf Tamer
Trigger break mode while fighting the Vandee Werewolf.

A Noble Sacrifice
Discover the secret in Styricaem.

Aquila Alliance
Rescue Princess Agnes in her time of need.

Brace Yourself
Deflect an enemy attack with a perfect block.

Castle Clash
Complete the third act.

Council of Princes
Choose Council of Princes cards 25 times.

Don't Fear The Reaper
Use the Psyche Devourer spell.

It's Over 9000!
Inflict over 9,000 damage without breaking the chain meter.

March Congress
Choose March Congress cards 25 times.

Phantom Parry
Use the White Staccato spell.

Political Dissonance
Complete the second act.

Prime Legion
Choose Prime Legion cards 25 times.

Earn a S-rank in a stage.

Spoils of War
Join a raid with Constantine.

Styricaem's Savior
Complete the first act.

Perform a link attack.

The Blind Arquebus
Unlock Chaos Winchester.

The Bloodstained Blade
Unlock Chaos Zulfiqar.

The Devoted Spear
Unlock Order Longinus.

The Restless Rifle
Unlock Order Winchester.

The Solemn Hermit
Unlock Order Apollon.

The Stout Sentinel
Unlock Order Mjolnir.

The Tactiurn Cannon
Unlock Order Dardanelles.

The Unbreakable Guardian
Unlock Order Zulfiqar.

The Vengeful Pike
Unlock Chaos Longinus.

The Volatile Artillery
Unlock Chaos Dardanelles.

The Voracious Hunter
Unlock Chaos Apollon.

The Wild Mallet
Unlock Chaos Mjolnir.

Three's Company
Use three of the same Exemplar in battle.

Treasure Hunter
Find a celestial gem or an arcane gem.

Two of a Kind
Use two of the same Exemplar in battle.