Battlestar Galactica Deadlock PlayStation Trophy List

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Masters of War
Unlock all trophies

All Of This Has Happened Before...
Complete the single-player campaign

Articles of Colonization
Have at least 10 Colonies fortified in the single-player campaign

Endeavor / Evolution
Unlock all blueprints in the single-player campaign

Grab Your Gun And Bring in The Cat
Destroy 500 enemy ships

Are You Alive?
Complete Chapter Ten

Bad Habits
Complete Chapter Seven

By Your Command
Win a skirmish match with a custom Cylon fleet

Complete Chapter Nine

Jupiter Project
Unlock the Jupiter-class battlestar in the single-player campaign

Complete Chapter Thirteen

Medical Aid
Complete Chapter Six

More Than A Name
Complete Chapter Twelve

Nothing But The Rain
Destroy 100 enemy ships

Nuclear Option
Unlock the nuke munition in the single-player campaign

Sagittaron Democratic Union
Complete Chapter Eight

Complete Chapter Eleven

Show of Fource
Complete Chapter Two

Complete Chapter Three

So Say We All
Win a skirmish match with a custom Colonial fleet

Start of a Legacy
Complete Chapter Five

The Red Line
Complete Chapter Four

There Are Those Who Believe...
Complete Chapter One

Distribution of Power
Redistribute power in a Cylon ship

Technological Superiority
Successfully hack an opponent's ship with the Nemesis or the Wardriver

Throw Them Out The Airlock
Successfully board an opponent's ship with a Heavy Raider

What Do You Hear?
Destroy 10 enemy ships