FriskyBusiness PlayStation Trophy List

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Alternate Realities
Get all possible endings

Gottas Bang'em All
Get it on with all the girls

Broviet union
Be nice to Charlie

Cheater, Cheater, Salsa Eater
Threesome with Balbina and Serena

Double Your Melonz, Double Your Fun
Have Threesome with Jenny and Gertrude

Piss off Balbina

Giddy Up
Dated Jenny

Horrible Boss
Be a Jerk to Sam and Charlie

Hot Sauce
Dated Balbina

IQ of At Least 69
No Wrong Answers in Trivia

Just the Facts, Ma'am
Complete a play through with no sexy times

Kitty Got Wet
Get it on with Tiffany

Peeping Frisk
Peep through all the girls windows

Puppy Love
Get it on with Jenny X4

Collect every piece of evidence

The Happy Ending
Get the true ending

The Three Amigos
Be nice to Charlie and Samantha

The Witch's Broomstick
Get it on with Claire