Save the Ninja Clan PlayStation Trophy List

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Save the Ninja Clan Platinum
Good job! Completed all tasks!

Completely Completed
Complete all the levels.

Eat My Dust
Beat the first boss.

For Debugging Only!
Find and complete the secret ending.

I Am > Than Mechs
Beat the second boss.

The Legend
Beat 10 levels without dying.

Who's Laughing Now
Beat the third boss.

2 Stones 1 Bird
Attempt a level 25 times.

Battle Hardened
Beat 5 levels without dying.

Controls Reversed
Beat level 4 with controls reversed.

God Like
Kill 50 enemies.

New Perspective
Level 29, play as a scroll.

Oops! Yea that's a bug.
Level 19, crash the game.

Spontaneous Combustion
Explode 50 times

Stop breaking the game.
Complete 10 secrets.

The Collector
Collect 15 Collectables.

Get a knife modification.

Beat Level One
Beat the first level

Cloud Nine
Level 25, ride a cloud.

Death is my friend!
Die 50 times.

Killing Spree
Kill 25 enemies.

Living On a Prayer
Beat half the levels.

Never Surrender!
Attempt a level 10 times.

Off to the Slammer
Level 11, go to "prison".

Play Pong!
Play Pong in the game.

Kill yourself with your own weapon.

Level 9, see a smiley face.

Teachers Pet
Beat a level with an A+ time.

You fell for it!
Fall for it on level two.

You have found a bug.
Complete one secret.

You're good at dying.
Die 100 times.