The Mummy Demastered PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies for The Mummy Demastered

The Ultimate Evil
Defeat Ahmanet

Undead Agent
Beat the game without dying

World of Gods and Monsters
Discover of the 100% Map

Wrapping Things Up
Collect 100% of items

Ancient Evil
Defeat the Giant Arachnid

Crush the Darkness
Collect the Horus Bracer

Escape the Watery Grave
Collect the Scroll of Anuket

Hanging Around
Collect the Scroll of Khepri

Leave Them In The Dust
Collect the Scroll of Qebui

Overcome Mortality
Defeat Anubis

Prodigium Protection
Collect the Ring of Wadjet

Recognize, Examine, Contain, Destroy
Defeat the Giant Scarab

Seker Seeker
Collect the Ankh of Seker

Stand Your Ground
Collect the Crown of Apis

That Was Intense
Escape to the chopper after defeating Ahmanet

To New Heights
Collect the Scroll of Heket

Bandage Your Wounds
Collect a Health Pack

Collect the Shotgun

Bring the Pain
Collect the Assault Rifle

Cleanse the Shadows
Collect the Incendiary Grenades

Close Call
Escape the caves in Iraq

Defy Human Ability
Perform a Dash Boost

Detonate the Dark
Collect the C4

Eradicate Evil
Collect the Plasma Beam

Heavy Duty
Collect the Cluster Rockets

Hunt the Monsters
Collect the Mercury Harpoon

Light in the Darkness
Collect the Flamethrower

Lock and Load
Collect a Bandoleer

Monster Bash
Use a Phase Dash to destroy a wall

My Enemy, Myself
Die and be resurrected again by Ahmanet

Not a Tomb, But a Prison
Collect the Rappel Gear

Primed for Entry
Collect the Grenades

Tactical Advantage
Travel by Helicopter to a new location

Through the Heart
Kill two enemies with one harpoon

To Rappel Evil
Use Rappel Gear