KAMEN RIDER Climax Fighters PlayStation Trophy List

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YOU are the hero!
All trophies obtained.

Game start!
First time a battle was started.

Let's start our search
Used 5 Riders.

Return from the journey
Battled in 4 stages.

Battled in all stages.

Obtained 15 avatar items.

Avid Collector
Obtained 30 avatar items.

Hardcore Collector
Obtained 45 avatar items.

Obtained 60 avatar items.

Obtained all avatar items.

The journey continues
Cleared 25 different mission.

The different worlds
Cleared 50 different mission.

The real goal
Cleared all missions.

Game clearrr!
Cleared last mission.

Dress up
Selected avatar's customize mode.

The music of human's heart
Selected BGM Gallery from Gallery.

The music you call your own
Selected BGM Edit, made changes, and started a battle.

Study begins
Saw a tip.

Knowledge absorption
Saw 20 tips.

Your own taste
Selected Options, made changes, and started a battle.

Aim for the top
Played Rank Match.

Welcome to the lobby
Entered a Online Player Match room.

Be nice in a team
Played Free Battle with a team.

Battle Royal!
Played a 4 man battle royal in Free Battle.

The man with 2000 skills
Cleared mission "The man with 2000 skills."

The Golden Warrior
Cleared mission "The Golden Warrior."

Battle between Riders
Cleared mission "Battle between Riders".

Racing instinct
Cleared mission "Racing instinct."

Fate's trump card
Cleared mission "Fate's trump card."

Sonic-strike warrior
Cleared mission "Sonic-strike warrior."

Path of heaven
Cleared mission "Path of heaven."

I... have arrived!
Cleared mission "I... have arrived!"

Let's go Kiva!
Cleared mission "Let's go Kiva!"

Destroyer of worlds
Cleared mission "Destroyer of worlds."

2-in-1 Detective
Cleared mission "2-in-1 Detective."

OOO's caliber
Cleared mission "OOO's caliber."

Proof of friendship
Cleared mission "Proof of friendship."

Magician of the ring
Cleared mission "Magician of the ring."

Rider Sengoku Era
Cleared mission "Rider Sengoku Era."

Come join me for a spin!
Cleared mission "Come join me for a spin!"

Hero's strength
Cleared mission "Hero's strength."

Doctor Rider
Cleared mission "Doctor Rider."

Law of Victory
Cleared mission "Law of Victory."

Black Sun
Cleared mission "Black Sun."