Energy Balance PlayStation Trophy List

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Energy Balance Platinum
Good job! You have restored the full balance!

Hardcore Level 3 Completed
We all have the ability to heal ourselves.

Hardcore Level 4 Completed
With great power comes great dissipation.

Level 10 Completed
She was full of some strange energy that morning.

Level 11 Completed
Wind is renewable. Turbines are not.

Level 12 Completed
Renew energy, revive strength.

Level 9 Completed
Good energy has served me well.

Square Level 3 Completed
Today is today, only today... Tomorrow it will only be yesterday.

Square Level 4 Completed
We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy.

Hardcore Level 1 Completed
Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.

Hardcore Level 2 Completed
The greatest weariness comes from work not done.

Level 6 Completed
We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy.

Level 7 Completed
I must choose between despair and Energy - I choose the latter.

Level 8 Completed
The difference between one man and another is not mere ability... it is energy.

Square Level 1 Completed
I wonder how a battery feels when it pours electricity into a non-conductor?

Square Level 2 Completed
Energy is liberated matter, matter is energy waiting to happen.

Level 1 Completed
The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

Level 2 Completed
It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

Level 3 Completed
If you have sixty seconds worth of distance... run!

Level 4 Completed
The practice is simple. Whatever you're doing, do that with total awareness.

Level 5 Completed
Every time you empty your vessel of that energy, fresh new energy comes flooding in.