Attack on Titan 2 PlayStation Trophy List

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Don't worry... Just keep training.
Got selected as the top performer during training in Episode 1 of the Story Mode prologue.

What is it that you see?
Completed Story Mode Chapter 2.

What do you expect? The world is a cruel place.
Completed Story Mode Chapter 3.

Live a life that you can be proud of.
Completed Story Mode Chapter 4.

He was a soldier who fought to the very end.
Completed the final chapter in Story Mode.

There's still so much I need to find out about the world.
Completed 25% or more of the Scout Missions.

What must be done.
Completed 50% or more of the Scout Missions.

We've got a talented one here.
Achieved a Battle Rating of S in any episode.

If you don't fight, you can't win.
Achieved a Battle Rating of S in all Story Mode episodes.

It's huge! What the heck is it?
Completed your first Dire Elimination.

I'm gonna destroy them! Every last one that's on this earth!
Completed all Story Mode Dire Eliminations.

Hmm... Not bad...
Leveled the protagonist to max level.

Sorry, buddy, but I'm just a natural.
Leveled one character to max rank.

Devote your heart!
Unlocked all characters.

This attack will be the final blow!
Successfully completed a Sneak Attack.

I'm the deliverer of death!
Eliminated a Titan with the Hook Drive.

I was able to control myself perfectly.
Avoided 100 Titan attacks.

More... Must kill more...
Eliminated a total of 1,000 enemies.

My specialty is tearing through flesh.
Got 2,000 total body part destructions.

This is a true salute!
Had over 100 allies join.

Avoid unfavorable battles.
Built 100 bases in battle.

No need to hold back.
Increased friendship rank.

Don't be stupid. I've always been talkative.
Leveled one character to max friendship.

It's not so bad, being a goddess and all.
Leveled all characters to max friendship.

Just shut your mouths and invest everything in me!
Used more than 100,000 Regiment Funds in total.

Well, you see... It's just seething with rage!
Maxed out Titan Research Room level.