Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth PlayStation Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.

Collector's Addition
Obtained all battle rewards.

Dreamer's Awakening
Completed all Dream Arena stages.

Co-op Final Connoisseur
Used Co-op Finals with all characters.

Final Strike Connoisseur
Used Final Strike with all characters.

Mask of Truth
Completed the ending.

That's just overkill... I think?
Dealt 5000+ damage to an enemy in one attack.

A Scholar's Homework
Viewed 100 or more entries in the glossary.

A Song of Ashes
Who is his vengeance truly for?

A Song of Beginnings
Regained your sense for battle.

A Song of Cleansing
Experienced heaven and hell.

A Song of Confrontation
Had an unexpected reunion.

A Song of Desecration
Shocked and appalled by a horrific sight.

A Song of Desperation
A soldier must resort to underhanded tactics at times.

A Song of Determination
Finally released your true strength.

A Song of Ebb and Flow
Proved that best-laid schemes often go awry.

A Song of Forgiveness
Confessed your sins.

A Song of Fury
Learned a man's final wish in a duel to the death.

A Song of Grudges
Settled a long-standing score.

A Song of Ice and Ire
You may never find warmth in this cold place.

A Song of Independence
A job well done.

A Song of Inflammation
Cast away all mercy for your enemies.

A Song of Madness
Your voice went unheard. A false truth deafens him.

A Song of Pursuit
Was accused of something you never did.

A Song of Reunion
Encountered one of undying loyalty.

A Song of Revolution
Saw your plans come to fruition.

A Song of Rule
Opened the door to the bird's cage.

A Song of Searching
Finally found what you were looking for.

A Song of Secrets
Learned a crucial secret of a foreign land.

A Song of Sisters
Witnessed the bond between two sisters.

A Song of Suspense
Listened to an unwelcome monologue.

A Song of the Abandoned
Managed to avert a crisis.

A Song of the Liberator
Power does not conform to the shape of its vessel.

A Song of the United
Stood together and faced your hardships.

A Song of the Wild
Reduced to a mere beast.

A Song of Transformation
Rampaged with no regard for those around you.

A Song of Uncertainty
You can never go back...

A Song of Visitation
Thank you for coming.

A Song of Welcome
Found the one hiding in shadows.

A Song of Worship
Attacked by those who are loyal unto death.

Art of War
Used a Final Strike.

Battlefield Transcriber
Viewed 500 or more battle callouts.

Chain Link
Successfully executed an Action Chain.

Concerted Dance
Used a Co-op Final.

Critically Acclaimed
Successfully executed a critical.

Dream Sequenced
Entered the Dream Arena.

Keep Your Friends Close
Won 20 Mock battles.

Successfully executed criticals 200 times.

Maybe I overdid it, I think?
Dealt 1000+ damage to an enemy in one attack.

Memories of Battle
Played Free Battle mode.

Moment of Reminiscence
Viewed all event visuals.

Power of Friendship
Used a Co-op Attack.

Successfully executed a reactive Skill.

That should do, I think?
Dealt 500+ damage to an enemy in one attack.

The Sound of Emotion
Listened to all BGM tracks.

Played Munechika's Trials.

We shall always be together!
Summoned shikigami 100 times.