Oh My Godheads PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.

Deadly Mission
Play 100 trials.

Kill 4 rivals in 5 seconds.

God Favored
Win 500 points between all game modes.

Golden Trialist
Get a gold emblem in any of the trials.

I Work Alone
Win alone with a perfect score against 3 CPU rivals that are on the same team.

No Color
Win a match that lasts less than 5 seconds.

Pie Magnet
Die 500 times from pie explosions.

The Dice of Zeus
Kill 10 rivals with Zeus.

Complete 20 trials.

Ultra Trialist
Get a gold emblem in 20 trials.

Aerial Rave
Kill 100 rivals with the jump attack.

Skinny Princess
Deflect 10 pies.

For God's Sake
Play a match longer than 10 minutes.

Serious Baker
Throw 99 explosive pies.