We Sing PlayStation Trophy List

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We Sing
Unlocked all trophies in We Sing

Sing 1 song at least 50 times

Going supernova
Score over 90000

Music Award Winner
Sing 20 songs on Expert

Pop Queen
Score over 50000 in all songs

The Expert
Sing all songs on Expert

Vocal queen
Played Versus mode at least 30 times

Almost good
Score over 50000

Classic Mode
Played Karaoke mode at least 10 times

Don't fight your friends
Played We Sing mode at least 10 times

Fight your friends
Played Versus mode at least 20 times

I just want to sing
Sing every song on the disc

Just you and the music
Sung atleast 10 songs with the instrumental track option

Keep going round and round
Played Pass the Mic at least 10 times

Pop Star
Score over 25000 in 15 songs

Singing Master
Played Single player mode on Expert at least 10 times

You killed that song
End a song with less than 10000 points

Be brave
Sing in Expert mode for the first time

Hear me sing
Sing your first instrumental song

Just the beginning
Score over 25000

Karaoke star
Sing your first karaoke song

Pass the mic!
Play Pass the Mic for the first time

Team winning!
Played in Group Battle at least 10 times

Time to shine
Play Versus for the first time

We all sing
Play We Sing for the first time

You are the winner!
Played Versus mode at least 10 times

You sing
Sing your first song