Aegis Defenders PlayStation Trophy List

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The Godslayer
Platinum Trophy

Big Spender
Buy All Items

Complete the Game without Dying

Beat the Game on Hard

Master Ruinhunter
Collect All Relics

Spider Mech Kicker
Defeat the MadXArmor

The Clarent
Beat the Game on Insane

Death Defying
Complete an Entire Area without Dying

Master Hunter
Kill 300 Enemies

Retail Therapy
Buy 15 Items

Found Kobo and the Clarent

Ruinhunter Rising
Collect 15 Relics

Samurai Kicker
Defeat the Zanoh

Saved a Princess
Rescued Shreya

Sweet Talker
Earn 50 RP from Dialog Choices

The Blood of a God
Obtained the Blood of a God

Activated Aegis
Complete Chapter 1

Amateur Hunter
Kill 100 Enemies

Defended Aegis
Complete Chapter 6

Discovered Aegis
Discovered Aegis

Dragon Kicker
Defeat the Breath Dragon

Escaped Queen Snowfly
Complete Chapter 3

Expert Hunter
Kill 200 Enemies

Hit Rock Bottom
Complete Chapter 5

Hungry Hunter
Unlock Clu

Mysterious Monk
Unlock Kaiim

Collect 5 Relics

Saved a Village, Mostly
Complete Chapter 4

Buy 5 Items

Thwarted Imperial Plot
Complete Chapter 2