Cat Quest PlayStation Trophy List

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Dragon Hero
Completed the Main Quest

Dragon Legend
Defeated the Arcane Dragon

Dungeon Master
Cleared all 52 dungeons

Fashionista Lion
Obtained 66 armor or weapons

Felingard Loremaster
Located all monuments

Power of the Arcane
Obtained all 7 skills

Saviour of Cats
Completed all 62 side quests

Super Catventurer
Reached level 99

Dragon Master
Defeated the Ice Dragon

Dungeon Scrounger
Cleared 25 dungeons

Fashionista Cat
Obtained 30 armor or weapons

Felingard Loremaker
Located half the monuments

Furry Catventurer
Reached level 50

Purr of the Arcane
Obtained 4 skills

Servant of Cats
Completed 30 side quests

Reached level 10

Dragon Slayer
Defeated the Flame Dragon

Dungeon Litter
Cleared 5 dungeons

Fashionista Kitty
Obtained 3 armor or weapons

Felingard Lore
Located one monument

Helper of Cats
Completed 6 side quests

Light of the Arcane
Obtained 2 skills