Jurassic World Evolution PlayStation Trophy List

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How did you do this?
Achieve a 5-Star Island Rating on every island in Las Cinco Muertes

I read your book
Unlock all InGen Database entries in the game

A kind of biological preserve
Take a Photograph worth more than $100000

An aim not devoid of merit
Complete All Missions: Entertainment

Creation is an act of sheer will
Release at least one of every dinosaur genus in the game

Now you're John Hammond
House at least 50 live dinosaurs on a single island

Spared no expense
Unlock Isla Nublar

Using sophisticated techniques
Complete All Missions: Science

You got them eating out of your hand
Complete All Missions: Security

A beautiful, but deadly addition
Release a Dilophosaurus

A super-predator
Release a Spinosaurus

Accept you are never actually in control
Power slide with the Ranger Team's vehicle for 3 seconds (within a 5-second window)

Bigger. Louder. More Teeth.
Reach maximum Entertainment Reputation on an island

Clever girl
Release a Velociraptor

Fill in the holes and complete the code
Complete a genome to 100%

Flocking this way
Release a Gallimimus

Follow the screams!
Release a T-Rex

Get a clear shot
Manually perform a headshot with the ACU helicopter

Hold on to your butts!
Get 5 seconds of air time with the Ranger Team's vehicle (within a 20-second window)

I don't understand this Luddite attitude
Reach maximum Science Reputation on an island

I hate being right all the time
Photograph a herbivore attacking visitors

I think we're back in business
Manually repair a building with the Ranger Team

I thought you failed your driver's test
Manually drive a total distance of 25km in the Ranger Team's vehicle

Instinct that we can program
Reach maximum Security Reputation on an island

Is this even possible?
Release a Stegosaurus

It's all about control with you
Add a task for an ACU or Ranger Team

Learning where she fits in the food chain
Photograph an Indominus Rex fighting a T-Rex

Life finds a way
Release a dinosaur

Look how it eats!
Photograph a T-Rex hunting a Gallimimus

Mommy's very angry
Release a modified dinosaur that has over 150 Attack

Must go faster
Drive the Ranger Team's vehicle at top speed for 5 consecutive seconds

My favorite when I was a kid
Release a Triceratops

Nobody move a muscle
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur while it is running

Not alone on this island
Unlock Isla Muerta

Nothing in Jurassic World is natural
Release a genetically modified dinosaur

Shoooot heeer!
Tranquillize a dinosaur from a distance of at least 125m

Shoot her!
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur with the ACU helicopter

Smarter than primates
Photograph two Velociraptors socializing

Manually medicate a diseased dinosaur with the Ranger Team

Thank God for Site B
Unlock Isla Sorna

That's no dinosaur
Release an Indominus rex

This is very dangerous territory
Photograph a Spinosaurus fighting a T-Rex

Release a Brachiosaurus

War is a part of nature
Manually tranquillize a dinosaur while it is fighting another dinosaur

Whatever you study, you also change
Take a Photograph worth more than $30000

Where's the goat?
Photograph a T-Rex eating 'live bait'

Who's hungry?
Photograph a carnivore attacking a visitor

You think that kind of automation is easy?
Add an upgrade to a building

You're the top minds
Research an item