Through the Woods PlayStation Trophy List

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Completed all the things!

It Only Counts as One!
Found all dwarven gates

Knock Knock!
Opened all doors

Left 4 Dead
Found all abandoned children

True Drifter
Found all collectibles

A Plague upon Both Your Houses!
Found Pesta, the plague maiden.

Found all reflectors

Gathered Norway to One Kingdom
One was the king who won, two were defeated

Good Dog
Relieved Garm from his pain

He Started It All
You need two to make a pact

Red Raiding Hood
Found the red hood

Toy Soldiers
Found the little heroes' toys

Among the Sleep
I live, I die, I live again

Anger Management
Completed chapter 2

Christian Blood
Killed by a troll

Fight Club
Completed Erik's cabin

Hard Depression
Completed chapter 4

I Didn't See Dead People
Killed by a draug

I Scream, You Scream
Killed by Huldra

It's a Bargain
Completed chapter 3

Job Accepted
Completed chapter 5

Shocking News
Completed chapter 0

The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Killed by one of the brothers

Then I Took a Tusk to the Knee
Killed by Særimne

There's No I in Denial
Completed chapter 1