Haimrik PlayStation Trophy List

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Finish the game.

A pinch of this, some drops of that...
Find all the ways to poison the jester.

Bad idea
Enter the caves.

Survive Witter's boss fight.

Boom shakalaka
Kill all the soldiers in a level without using gunpowder.

Brave warrior
Kill the ogre with your sword.

Get all the color combinations to the outfit.

Do not kill any archers inside the dream.

Dreaming with dragons
Finishing the dream.

Heat wave
Push Ice to fire to melt it.

I thought I taw a puddy tat
Build the cage and lock Masamba.

Lucky shot
Don't kill any shadow clone.

Kill the guard using the portcullis.

The bigger they are...
Defeat Algernon.

The winter isn't coming
Defeat both phases of Murdock.

Kill the three bandits with only 1 machine.