DBMB! PlayStation Trophy List

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Blue 42
Save the Jock

Corn Secured
Save the Farmer

Crypt Sweeper
Complete the Crypt

Designated Driver
Save the Drunk

Doctor, Do You Concur
Complete the Hospital

Don't Bite Me Bro!
Defeat Tutorial Zombies without taking damage

Field Trip
Save the Kids

Gangs All Here
Save all Survivors

Gate Keeper or The Key Master?
Collect all the Keys

Haz Gas
Collect all the Gas Tanks

Healing Hands
Save the Nurse

I Got The Tower!
Save the Sheriff

I Heard You Like Dungeons
Complete the Cave

Little Boxes
Save the Housewife

Momma, I Made It
Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty

Quick Draw McGraw
Save the Mountain Man

Ready for a Challenge
Complete the Game on Medium Difficulty

Rest In Peace
Save the Gravedigger

The End Complete
Finish the game with 100% Completion

Throw 'Dem Bones
Save the Shopkeeper

Training Wheels
Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty