Tesla vs Lovecraft PlayStation Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.

Baby Steps
Complete Tutorial.

Epic Awesome
Choose an EPIC perk.

Meta Upgrade
Purchase a meta upgrade.

War Pigeon
Recover and Operate the Mech.

Wardenclyffe Victory
Activate the Wardenclyffe and save the world.

Wardenclyffe Victory II
Activate the Wardenclyffe and save the world in Aether Plane.

Wardenclyffe Victory III
Activate the Wardenclyffe and save the world in Eldritch Plane.

Crystal Rain
Collect 100 crystals.

Dag-On, Dag-Off
Kill 200 Spawns of Dagon.

Down came the rain...
Kill 1000 Spiderghouls.

Kill 500 Fire Vampires.

First Showdown
Complete Chapter 1.

Kill it with Fire!
Kill 50 Parasites.

Kill 50 Polyps.

Second Showdown
Complete Chapter 2.

Shoggoth Schmoggoth
Kill 50 Shoggoths.

That's no squid
Repel 100 Tentacles.

Third Showdown
Complete Chapter 3.

Deep One, Two, Three
123 deep ones must die.

Find Inventions
Recover lost Tesla Backpack.