Little Red Lie PlayStation Trophy List

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The Best Policy
Awarded in recognition of your contribution to the arts.

Great Guy
Speak insincerely with every unimportant person in the game.

The Good Life
Start a new life with your loving family in a better place.

True Justice
Have your life restored in a manner befitting your worth.

Circular Logic
Attempt to mask your intoxication via greater intoxication.

Dramatic Pause
Take a long sip of water before continuing on with your stunning tirade.

Duly Noted
Unsuccessfully attempt to mitigate your evasiveness in the opening questionnaire.

En Francais
Respond to the French recording in your very best French.

Grand Victory
Falsify your way into being touched by a member of the opposite sex.

Sore Loser
'Accidentally' scratch the felt on the airport pool table.

Force an inane conversation about every single car in the showroom.