Firefighters: Plant Fire Department PlayStation Trophy List

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Get promoted to Commander.

Complete a gas explosion mission.

Go Big or Go Home
Complete a large-scale mission.

High Volume Pump
Complete a mission in the high volume pump Florian 9.

Leading Fire Chief
Get promoted to Leading Fire Chief.

Chief Firefighter
Get promoted to Chief Firefighter.

Deputy Fire Chief
Get promoted to Deputy Fire Chief.

Fire Chief
Get promoted to Fire Chief.

Fire Engine
Complete a mission in one of the fire engines, Florian 6 or Florian 7.

Get promoted to Firefighter.

Hot Tracks
Activate the record player in the fire station.

Ladder Truck
Complete a mission in the ladder truck Florian 8.

Leading Firefighter
Get promoted to Leading Firefighter.

Rescue Mission
Complete a rescue operation.

Complete 5 missions.

You're a Firefighter, Not an Engineer
Repair your fire truck when there's nothing wrong.